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Phone: 859-621-2610

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Team Staff

Burgess, David Coach 859-321-0363
  Lemons, Luke Coach
  McMeekin, Mike Coach
  Marshall, Josh Coach 859-494-1625
  Long, Justin Coach
  Willhite, Chris Coach 859-333-7833
  Harris, Josh Coach
  Caudill, Mike Coach
  Moore, Jeff Asst Coach
Bantam League
Bulls Hamilton, Jarrad Head Coach 859-619-8669

Cavaliers Brown, Chris Coach 859-227-3527

Celtics Warren, Mike Coach 859-621-9106

Clippers Mosley, Eric Coach 502-316-0472

Heat Roberts, Wayne Coach 859-327-4921

Kings Kragel, Alex Coach 423-312-4656

Lakers Griesser, Keith Coach 502-542-0111

Spurs Murray, T.G. Head Coach

Thunder Opland, Head Coach 320-296-9098

Wizards Givens, Jaimie Coach 407-488-4764
Training League
Bulls Howard, Chris Coach (859) 576-1869

Lakers True, Josh Head Coach 859-321-8640, 859-806-9701

Thunder McKinney, Mike Head Coach 502-542-8689
  Treadway, Johnny Asst. Coach 859-433-9246
Junior Varsity
Bulls Griesser, Keith Coach 5025420111

Cavaliers Bruin, Robert Coach
  Morrison, Scott Asst Coach
  Stollings, Mark Asst. Coach

CELTICS Kelly, Mike Coach 5023520200

LAKERS Calulto, Chris Coach 8596194761

MAVERICKS Price, Heather Coach

Spurs Jasper, Greg Coach 8595332605

THUNDER James, Tim Coach 8595092798

WIZARDS Morris, Elisha Coach 5023162150
Varsity 1
BULLS Bruin, Robert Head Coach 859-983-3874
  Blair, Scott Asst. Coach

CAVALIERS Harris, Joshua Head Coach 502-370-5624

CELTICS Shannon, Zack Head Coach 859-213-3091

HEAT Wilson, Jeremy Head Coach 859-539-2580

KNICKS McMeekin, Michael Head Coach 859-213-0438

ROCKETS Treadway, Johnny Head Coach 859-433-9246
  McKinney, Mike Asst. Coach 502-542-8689
  Brown , Jim Ed Asst. Coach 859-797-8427

THUNDER Halsey, Chad Head Coach 859-433-2307

WIZARDS Lemons, Luke Head Coach 859-552-3841
Varsity 2
BULLS Thompson, Jeremy Head Coach 859-983-1138

CAVALIERS Hillard, Danny Coach 502-509-5260

CELTICS Shannon, Zack Head Coach 859-213-3091

CLIPPERS Thurman, Sammy Coach 859-621-1895

KINGS Malesick, Brian Head Coach 502-316-5506

NUGGETS Looney, Steve Head Coach 502-316-8584

SPURS Hicks, James Head Coach 313-718-5209

SUNS Burgess, David Coach (859) 321-0363
Celtics Hamilton, Jarad Coach 859-619-8669

Rockets Hubbard, Brandon Coach 859-552-3379

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